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Never Trust A Stranger… When it’s TRAPPED EVER AFTER!!

FOR AUSTRALIA, ABC3 people, it was on! It might be coming on again…

But, after Wednesday, at 6.20pm, (ABC3) Trapped will be on again!

It’s still on in the mornings, and I think Trapped Ever After will be on after Series 3!


Leon the Funny Unfortunate

On YouTube, I was roaming around for Trapped BBC videos, and this was a very funny video I came across: It had Leon, my favourite Unfortunate in it. Wanna watch it? Sure!




Anyway, I’m still a bit grossed out from when that botherer threw me out with the garbage in his hand. Lucky there was the key too. I got trappped on the final floor when someone else beat me… But then the botherers came in. They actually surprised me. They jumped down from the other floor!