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Sabotaging: Funny “Guess” Haha!

Tom, seriously. COSĀ  SAM THINKS IT WAS YOU?! Hahaha!!! Tom got trapped on that floor anyway. He said ‘Get lost’ to the Voice. Wow!!


Tips and Successful Sabotaging: Diary!

Botherers CBBC Trapped 2008 Thankyou Julie!    Chloe

Seriously, these botherers are TROU-BLE.I managed to trap the and keep them there while the saboteur was striking: I was right about the saboteur too. The botherers weren’t too happy with me. Also, on the BBC Trapped, game SUCCESSFUL sabotage on floor 6, ‘Body Shock’ for me! I got no votes, seriously… but guess what? While opening the cage, I spoke heaps of times, and Player 1 got all the votes… Hehehehe… Good job, Emma! Here’s some things to do when being saboteur: (On that floor)

1. When blackout is about to come on, go slightly near the gate, open it and quickly get into postition.

2. Always speak while moving: No matter what happens.

Also, have you been the saboteur? I have only a few times. Been successful…

BBC Trapped Game! Have you tried it yet?

It’s just like the real thing: There’s saboteurs, challenges, and of course, trapped Unfortunates. Will you be the saboteur trying to spoil the game? Or will you not? Will you just be awful like I am? We’ll just see… Here’s me playing the game:

Player 6 got trapped on that floor. Have you played this game yet? Try it! By clicking here.