Tips and Successful Sabotaging: Diary!

Botherers CBBC Trapped 2008 Thankyou Julie!    Chloe

Seriously, these botherers are TROU-BLE.I managed to trap the and keep them there while the saboteur was striking: I was right about the saboteur too. The botherers weren’t too happy with me. Also, on the BBC Trapped, game SUCCESSFUL sabotage on floor 6, ‘Body Shock’ for me! I got no votes, seriously… but guess what? While opening the cage, I spoke heaps of times, and Player 1 got all the votes… Hehehehe… Good job, Emma! Here’s some things to do when being saboteur: (On that floor)

1. When blackout is about to come on, go slightly near the gate, open it and quickly get into postition.

2. Always speak while moving: No matter what happens.

Also, have you been the saboteur? I have only a few times. Been successful…


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  1. Well done, good site!

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